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A well-rounded UI/UX designer with extensive problem-solving skills in customer-centric design for web, mobile, and product. My process - research, define, design, prototype, validate, build, test - is based on design thinking methodology to understand customer needs and develop the best user experience. Whether I am designing a website UI/UX, a mobile application, or an integrated ad campaign covering everything from social media, to email, to blog, to web banners, and paid media, I produce original, engaging visual to meet my client’s goals and move their brand forward.

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The goal of the research phase is to gather all qualitative and quantities data that will enable us to make data-driven decisions in the next stage.


To design and find a functional solution for all business goals and user needs by creating a consistent and seamless experience for the customers.


Validation and test help me to minimize the risk and cost of product development. 


My Projects

5 Industry
50 Completed Projects
150 Return of Investments


I worked with Simona in the redesign of our website's UI/UX. It was easy to work with her as she helped to implement our vision. We were very pleased with the final product. Highly recommended and I plan to work with her again as our technology needs evolve.
Kiril Gurbetov
Digital Marketing Manager, Huawei
Simona is a talented designer and she is very well-versed in both visual UI design and branding. On top of that, she has strong workflows that allows us to work in a fast, easy and efficient way. I highly recommend her knowing that she will be an asset to anyone she works with.
Martina Todorova
Sr Brand Manager, A1
Working with Simona was enjoyable. Her ability to translate abstract ideas into clean and attractive designs is invaluable. She was available and asked pointed, thought provoking questions during design ideation discussions. Overall we enjoyed working with Simona and highly recommend her professionalism and design abilities.
Kamelia Besova
Team manager, A1