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Hi there, I am Simona, a designer based in Atlanta, GA.

I have spent the last 10 years working in different B2C and B2B industries, ranging from banking and leading delivery companies to telecom and e-commerce to advertising agency work and newspaper design.

I specialize in product strategy, UX and UI design, prototyping, and brand experience. I have a Master Degree of Advertising and Brand Management and a Bachelor Degree of Fine Art.

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My most notable accomplishments are designing web and mobile solutions used by more than 6 million telecom users.

My team and I launched over 20 large projects ranging from e-commerce features to customer portals, special responsive landing pages, and micro websites. I aim to establish a holistic understanding and appreciation of everything that a company might need to succeed in delivering their business goals with great design.

I am currently helping companies stand out in the marketplace with product design, landing pages, websites, mobile apps, branding and marketing materials.

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My Work

I am based in Atlanta, GA but my career started in Europe. I have been fortunate to have worked with diverse teams and on interesting projects over the years. Here are some past projects I can share with you. If you’d like to discuss an opportunity email me at

Let’s Get to Work

If you’d like to talk about an opportunity, project or have a look at my portfolio just contact me at

User Research

In my process, I start with user research to understand the customer needs, behaviors, and attitudes. It involves collecting and analyzing data through various methods such as surveys, interviews, field studies, competitor analysis.

Product Strategy

Every action requires a plan! I could help you come up with a solid plan and execute it. I could begin with a discovery phase, involving thorough research, stakeholder workshops and competition analysis. I can immerse myself in your business, bringing my design thinking know-how, and help you shape and achieve your business goals.

Object Oriented UX

OOUX is a philosophy for designing digital systems that respects the fact that people think in objects and need consistent, recognizable objects to understand an environment or product. OOUXers deliberately align their software to their user’s real-world mental model of concrete, defined objects, so that abstract digital worlds can be as naturally intuitive as the physical world we evolved in.

Wireframing and Prototyping

With wireframes, mockups, and functional prototypes, I can transform an initial concept into a minimal viable version or a realistic and polished idea, typically in the form of a website or mobile app. This enables us to swiftly assess user impressions and gather early feedback, which, in turn, guides our subsequent design and development decisions.

Usability testing

I employ usability testing methods, including moderated and unmoderated tests, and heuristic evaluations based on Jakob Nielsen’s principles. The process involves defining clear objectives, creating a test plan, recruiting diverse participants, preparing materials, conducting tests, collecting and analyzing data, and compiling findings into actionable reports. This iterative process guides design improvements, ensuring user-centered and effective digital products.

Digital Presence

My passion and graphic design skills and digital marketing experience can help you create landing pages, integrated ad campaign social media, to email, to web banners, and paid media. I produce original, engaging visual to meet the business goals and move your brand forward.


I have been fortunate to have worked with great companies and teams. Here are some testimonials about our collaboration. If you’d like to talk about an opportunity or project email me at

"I worked with Simona in the redesign of our website's UI/UX. It was easy to work with her as she helped to implement our vision. We were very pleased with the final product. Highly recommended and I plan to work with her again as our technology needs evolve."
Kiril Gurbetov
Digital Marketing Manager, Huawei
"Working with Simona was enjoyable. Her ability to translate abstract ideas into clean and attractive designs is invaluable. She was available and asked pointed, thought provoking questions during design ideation discussions. Overall we enjoyed working with Simona and highly recommend her professionalism and design abilities."
Kamelia Besova
Team manager, A1
"Simona is a talented designer and she is very well-versed in both visual UI design and branding. On top of that, she has strong workflows that allows us to work in a fast, easy and efficient way. I highly recommend her knowing that she will be an asset to anyone she works with."
Martina Todorova
Sr Brand Manager, A1


I get asked out about design tools, UI and UX tips and recommendations, so I decided to compiled a list of links and resources for beginners and curious.

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